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The loft in your home could be the extra room you require. Designing loft conversions requires a good sense of volume, a thorough measure of the existing loft and of the relevant areas of the existing house.

Some common facets of the design often overlooked in loft conversions include access stairs, fire escape and headroom which affects the usable floor space. We use laser measuring equipment and digital angle finders to accurately measure the space available, we then build a 3D computer model within our building information modeling software. This allows us to walk through and analyze the design in real time and view sections of the proposed conversion within the context of the existing house.

To help increase the usable floor space the design can incorporate dormer roofs. Bespoke stairs can be designed where possible to work within the confines of the existing space and/or alterations can be designed to the existing layout to accommodate access where needed. Clever use of elements such as roof lights give those extra few millimeters required to fit in a toilet or squeeze in the required headroom for a stair.

Upon our initial meeting I will climb into the loft and assess if a conversion is feasible and discuss what may be required to make it work.

Apart from the obvious advantage of gaining another room, a properly constructed loft conversion will improve the thermal efficiency of the roof thereby decreasing heat loss reducing your heating costs. Further opportunity is available during the construction to install underfloor heating and remove the need for obstructive radiators.

At the end of the design process we can aid you with the selection of a suitable builder for your conversion project.

Other types of conversions include Garage conversions and Barn Conversions.

We are proud of the quality of service we provide. See example loft conversion plans.


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Loft, garage and barn conversion designs

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