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The following screen shots show the current build of the developement of our interactive Virtual house extension builder using default settings, choosing from the selection of floor plan and roof styles templates then visually customise the dimensions and roof pitches to suit your customers requirements.

Designed from the start as a tool for builders carrying out small single storey rear and side house extensions. Enabling the builder as the first point of contact to size, configure and show the client their home extension which could be constructed using permitted development rights. When the client order has been confirmed, the builder can then order architectural plans, engineering and building control services (Currently England and Wales only).
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Virtual House extension designer

Soon to be available will be the ultimate tool for conceptionalising simple single storey home extensions and purchasing affordable building plans. Many single storey extensions can be built without the need to obtain planning permission. This is commonly referred to as Permitted Development. A Building application will still be required via you local council or approved inspector.


As the user of the app you will need to,

- Input the dimensions of the wall you wish to add the extension against.

- Choose the style of extension and roof.

- Input the size of the home extension you wish to construct.

- Add in the windows and doors.

- Modify the roof pitch or design style as much as you like before placing an order.


When you're happy, then order the plans at a cost that is unbeatable. Why is the price of the plans so good. Simple, a designer does not have to attend site, measure up or discuss several design options. You are in control of the size of the extension so all we have to do is produce plans based on your request. Note there are size and height limitations within the permitted development rules.

Note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the dimensions taken and input are correct and that the existing openings are measured and do not clash with the proposed extension or the proposed extension does not clash with other obstructions above or below ground. If you're in doubt and/or are not a building professional, speak to your builder before ordering plans to ensure the plans are returned to you without the need for amendments. Any amendments resulting from incorrect site measure or roof clashes may incure a plan amendment fee.


What's included in the plans?

- 3D external views of the extension.

- Site location plan (Based on Ordnance survey data, if none available then a surveyor or developer plans may be required)

- Extension floor plans and elevations.

- Section through the proposed extension.


If you want internal features such as separate rooms, a kitchen etc this can be provided. Once you recieve the draft plans, simply print out the floor plan, grab a marker pen. Draw on what you require, take a photo with your phone or other device and email it back. For a modest alteration fee we can add in the additional features.

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